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Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA: Privacy Policy

In the normal course of business, the Haws Corporation receives information from customers and others with whom we communicate. These communications can be on a wide variety of levels, including internet and other electronic communications, as well as via traditional print means, such as advertising reader response cards and physical product orders. It is the purpose of this privacy policy to establish our respect for the trust placed in us by people providing their personal and/or business information and to delineate the specific uses and limitations of use we place on information entrusted to us.

Information Collected

The specific information collected by Haws Corporation is strictly limited to the information you knowingly provide. Contact information provided when users register on our website, www.hawsco.com, is a good example. This information is used internally only, and is never sold or distributed in any manner to anyone outside of Haws Corporation. Our internal use is limited to efforts to assist you with obtaining information you might request from Haws Corporation, about our products and services.

Obviously, email communications you initiate with us will generate some internal data about how we might reply to you. Again, this information is used internally - only to the extent that will enable our response.

Web contacts and print publication leads, when generated by interested parties are followed up as a normal part of business operations. Once again, this information is held in the strictest of confidence.

Persons who contact us are sometimes asked to opt-in to our monthly e-newsletters for drinking fountains and electric water coolers, as well as emergency equipment. This opt-in authorization is used to communicate the requested information only and is ceased immediately in the event of a rescission of the opt-in authorization. E-newsletter recipient lists are treated with the same maximum security as all other customer and prospective customer information.

Last, but certainly not least, customer order information is strictly guarded, as well. In addition to Haws Corporation employees, customer order information might be shared with Haws authorized independent representatives and distributors. In these instances, the information shared is strictly limited to the information you provided that is essential to fulfill your order or other request.

Haws does not collect or accept customer or prospective customer information from any other sources.


Information received by Haws Corporation is not encrypted, mostly because we do not transact any sales on-line.

Third-Party Advertisers and Other Links

Haws Corporation does not participate with third party advertisers or any other links.

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Crosby Corporation: Stress-Free Financial Planning

Everyone wants to make as much money as possible. This is not surprising at all. Even the kings in ancient times could not get enough of the tributes they could easily exact from their subjects so that they can build palaces, ships and car ports (or should we say stables?).

Not all can become kings or presidents, for that matter. But we all need to earn enough to meet our needs. What most people fail to consider, however, is that financial planning begins not when you get a job or start making a salary. Much like going to college, one prepares for a college degree the moment one enters grade school. Likewise, gaining the knowledge and the skills to become financially stable starts with the very first step: when you get hold of your first paycheck.

Here are some principles to follow to achieve stress-free financial planning:

1. Financial planning initially requires knowing how to earn or make money  

Obviously, before anyone can talk or think about planning how to spend money, one has to earn it first. Yes, one can borrow; however that is the most dangerous route toward a risky proposition, unless, of course, one already knows how to handle money and avoid risks. There is no shortcut to the process; either one has the money to budget or has the capability to raise that money somehow and not stock up with huge loans – a warning on this!.

2. Decide what the money is for

This is a no-brainer. Every teenager knows this: it is for a pair of shoes or a date on a weekend. But that is the case where money is merely handed down. Or it could even be earned through hard work, such as mowing the lawn or minding the family store.

But for more serious money and goals (for business, that is), one has to have a more accurate plan for spending the money and how to make it grow as much as possible with the least time possible.

3. Budgeting requires considering the risks

We will never find out the ultimate secrets to budgeting that will bring about the highest returns and with zero possibility of failure and feel like being scammed. Risks are part of life’s realities, much more so in business. Every expense has a hidden risk in the form of additional or unexpected costs or loss of profit. Buying a digital camera, to give a simple but convincing example, is no longer like buying a shirt. You buy a shirt and wear it without having to pay another cent, although you will have to spend for washing it regularly. A camera, however, might require buying a camera bag, a tripod, a selfie-stick and so many other accessories to make it fully functional for all occasions.    

Financial planners input contingency costs to cover expected and unexpected expenses. This takes care of the “risks” appurtenant to a particular item of expense in a company’s budget.

4. A budget must include savings

The importance of savings cannot be overemphasized. Many people, in fact, go through life without ever having a semblance of a lifetime savings, let alone a piggy bank. Unfortunately, many such people live in subsistence levels that does not allow them the luxury of putting aside some money regularly.

But a business enterprise cannot survive without provide for sufficient savings to cover unexpected as well as necessary expenses along the way. The best rule to follow, to echo Warren Buffet, is to put aside a certain percentage for savings first and spending the rest for one’s regular expenses and not the other way around, which most people practice.

With enough practice, anyone can get the knack for efficient, stress-free financial planning as a personal or business practice.

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TorrentLocker Spoofs Telecom Heavyweight Telia - Heimdal Security Company

Spoofing the identities of big, respected companies is a key tactic that cyber criminals use to trick their victims. We’ve seen it happen with IKEA and especially Post Denmark and Postnord. And we’ve seen not once, not twice, but tens of times in the past year alone!

And now it’s happening again. This time, cyber criminals are impersonating Telia, a telecom giant with operations in Europe and Asia. Telia has hundreds of millions of customers who could all become targets for this ransomware attack.

Highly targeted campaign using a mix of attack vectors

The Torrentlocker family is well known for its highly targeted spam email campaigns. Attackers carefully localize the emails, ransom notes and other elements tied to the campaign. The more targeted the attack, the higher the chances for it to be effective.

In this attack, victims are baited with an invoice which appears to come from Telia, a trusted telecom company. The primary target for the attack is Sweden, but additional campaigns may follow, replicating the same model.

The psychological factor plays a key role in current malware attacks, but it’s only used as a hook. Once the victim triggers the infection, the malicious tech behind it comes into play. Here’s how the attack unfolds.


We can’t emphasize this enough: a backup is the best protection for your data in case of a ransomware attack! Actually, you should have multiple backups. And use this anti-ransomware checklist to see what else you can do to ensure that you’re never hit by encrypting malware.

We have a long road ahead when it comes to minimizing the impact of ransomware, which is one more reason to push for basic cyber security education and proactive protection.

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Global Singapore Visa processing tips: Immigration Fraud — Protect Yourself!

Don’t be the victim of a scam

If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Beware of immigration fraud and scams

You may have seen advertisements that promise work permits and guarantee high-paying jobs in Canada. Some offer scholarships to study at Canadian universities or colleges. Potential newcomers to Canada should be aware that many offers like these are fraudulent. In fact, using the services of people who make such promises may result in your application to Canada being rejected.

Canada’s immigration system is based on fairness. Every application receives equal consideration. No one has special connections, and no one can promise your application will be given special treatment or guarantee that it will be approved.

What you need to know

•    You are not obliged to hire a representative, including a consultant, lawyer, Quebec notary or paralegal regulated by a law society, to apply for a visa or for Canadian citizenship, but if you do, choose carefully.
•    Representatives do not have special connections with Canadian government officials and cannot guarantee you a visa. Nobody can guarantee you a visa.
•    Only Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) officers can decide whether or not to issue a visa. Don’t be tempted into using false documents. It is a serious crime to misrepresent yourself by making false statements or submitting false documents when dealing with CIC. If you do this, your application will be refused. You will also face serious consequences. Depending on the situation, these may include:
1.    no entry into Canada for at least five years;
2.    a permanent record of fraud in CIC’s database;
3.    revocation of your permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship;
4.    being charged with a crime; or
5.    removal from Canada.
•    Do not enter into a marriage that is not genuine in order to obtain permanent residence in Canada. Beware of Internet scams and false websites. The official CIC website is www.cic.gc.ca.
•    You will find free information for any type of visa on CIC’s website.
•    Processing fees are the same at all Canadian visa offices around the world. Fees in local currency are based on official exchange rates and correspond with the standard fee charged in Canadian dollars.
•    Canadian visa offices will never ask you to deposit money into an individual’s personal bank account or to transfer money through aspecific private money transfer company.
•    If you have questions, contact CIC or the visa office responsible for your area.


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Albano Brokerage - Tips on inherited stocks

NEW YORK (CNNfn) - Let's say you inherited some stock, and you've heard something about a tax break when you sell the shares.


There are many important issues when it comes to inherited stock, especially the step-up in basis rules. And when you're talking about inherited stock that has been in a 401(k), it gets even trickier.


Step-up is an estate tax concept. When a person dies, the general rule is that all property that was owned by the decedent (the dead person) is included in his estate at the value of that property on the date of death. That value is also known as the fair market value.


In some cases, where the value of the estate property has declined since the date of death, the property can be valued at six months after the date of death if that lowers the federal estate tax.


Because the estate of the decedent values the property at fair market value, a beneficiary who sells estate property is entitled to use the fair market value as his or her cost in figuring out the gain or loss on the sale of those assets.


This special treatment is known in tax talk as a "Step-up" in basis. The stepped-up value is the fair market value, as opposed to the original cost of the asset. Often, this step-up will drastically reduce the income tax your heirs will pay when they sell the estate property.


If your heirs sell right after your death, there will generally be no gain on the sale, because the cost used to figure gain or loss will be stepped-up to the fair market value at the date of death. If the asset is sold right after that, the selling price would be about the same, eliminating any income tax for your heirs.


However, here is the key: Not all estate property is entitled to a step-up in basis. Many assets, including inherited IRAs, do NOT receive such treatment.


The NUA rule


Now, I'd like to go a step further and talk about what happens when you inherit stock that's been in a 401(k).


Many workers invest in company stock in their 401(k)s or other company retirement plans. At retirement, this company stock enjoys a special tax break known in tax parlance as Net Unrealized Appreciation, or NUA.


NUA is the difference between the amount the stock was purchased for in your company plan and the value of that stock when you withdraw it from your plan. If the cost of your stock in the plan was $10 and it is worth $100 when you withdraw it from your plan at retirement, then your NUA is $90. This is the appreciation on the stock while it was in your plan.


So let's say that during your life, you never sold the stock and at your death the stock was worth $150.

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Mossack Fonseca Group Distributes Holiday Cheer

This article was originally distributed via SproutNews. SproutNews, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.


Mossack Fonseca’s consistent engagement in community service efforts continued throughout the holiday season in Llano Largo, Panama, where the company distributed holiday baskets outfitted with clothing, food and toys to residents of the community.


Panama, Republic of Panama – January 14, 2016 /PressCable/ — On Friday, December 12, 2015, Mossack Fonseca’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community service was again on full display. In keeping with its longstanding tradition of supporting communities throughout Panama, company representatives from Mossack Fonseca distributed holiday baskets filled high with food, clothing, and toys to each family living in the rural community of Llano Largo, Panama. Throughout the holiday season, the company has sought to connect with community members and to demonstrate its commitment to service and goodwill to society as a whole.


It was a joyous occasion for all, but the representatives from the company made it quite clear that the opportunity to interact with community members and to give back in this way was a particularly gratifying experience. While several of the company’s representatives overheard residents as they exclaimed with awe, “Never have we seen baskets filled with so much — many thanks!” the representatives were quick to express their own gratitude for the support shown by the community throughout the time Mossack Fonseca has made Panama home to its main offices.


Mossack Fonseca’s community service efforts do not end at the close of the holiday season, as the company believes in the importance of offering its support to community members regardless of the time of year. Since its founding in 1977, Mossack Fonseca has always sought to provide its legal, accounting and trust services responsibly and in a manner in which everyone — clients, staff members, shareholders and society at large — is able to experience a highly beneficial outcome.


The Mossack Fonseca Group is dedicated to its multi-dimensional corporate social responsibility program, which has been partly inspired by the level of support the company continues to receive from local communities throughout Panama. Through volunteer work and donations, the company focuses on a wide range of concerns including health, education, culture, the environment, and especially children’s issues. The company’s continued efforts in this regard reflect the sincerity of Mossack Fonseca’s core values, which includes loyalty, commitment, and responsibility, among a number of other core principles.


For more information about us, please visit http://www.mossfon.com


Contact Info:

Name: Craig Edward

Organization: Mossack Fonseca

Address: 54th Street, Marbella, Panama, Republic of Panama

Phone: (507) 205.5888

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ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline and Expectations by Howard Marans MD

Repairing a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) may only require a short time in the hospital or health care facility. In fact, most ACL surgery patients return home the same day of the procedure.


ACL Recovery Timeline

The ACL recovery timeline is a longer process. Listening to the doctor’s after-care procedures and expectations is vital for an optimal outcome. Depending on medical history, each person may have a different ACL recovery timeline.


First Two Weeks

During the first two weeks of the ACL recovery timeline, rest is the main priority to help in the healing process.


- Use crutches to help keep the pressure and full weight off from the newly repaired area.

- Keep leg elevated with the use of a pillow.

- Follow the doctor’s recommendations for exercises to help reduce the chances of blood clots or other negative issues.

- Use either over the counter or prescribed medication to help reduce pain and swelling.


The first two weeks are critical to the healing process. Keeping the entire incision area clean and dry will aid in fighting off infections or other serious health issues. Knowing when to call a health care professional after surgery is a must.


- Bleeding from the incisions will not cease and the bandages cannot contain the flow.

- A red streak or line appears around the incision

- The incision area is producing a discharge.

- The inflammation and swelling proceed down the leg into the calf area.

- The patient has a high fever.

- The pain does not subside with the prescribed medication.


If anything looks out of the ordinary, asking a health care professional will give a patient peace of mind and prevent any harmful consequences. Do not be afraid to ask questions concerning aftercare procedures for ACL reconstruction surgery.


Two to Six Weeks

After the initial resting period in the ACL recovery timeline, the next step is to slowly begin strengthening the area to restore full range of movement.


- Crutches should be no longer in use unless directed by the health care professional.

- Beginning to put full weight on the knee

- Slowly working toward full extension of the knee

- A knee brace may be prescribed to help restrict movement

- If comfortable, driving may be allowed.

- Physical therapy begins


Six Weeks to Six Months

After six weeks in the ACL recovery timeline, the patient will move toward returning to normal activities at a slow progression. By continuing to exercise and develop strength in the knee area, a full range of movement may be achieved.


- The area should be pain-free prior to returning to sports or an exercise routine.

- The orthopedic surgery will need to clear the patient prior to engaging in strenuous activities. Beginning too soon will damage the repair area.

- A brace may be suggested to help keep the knee safe.


ACL Surgery Recovery Timeline and Expectations

For premium results during the ACL surgery recovery timeline, listening to a top rated orthopedic specialist is critical. From the initial consultation through the entire recovery process, Dr. Howard Marans  will guide each patient through the steps of the ACL recovery timeline to achieve each level of expectations in the healing process. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.